Out There

Good example of a computer graphic ET. Add some background, drop the light and you have a neat hoax!

Notice the blinking eyes. The internet is full of ET hoaxes that are made to appear more realistic by having blinking eyes. Problem is, in all the thousands of reports the Striebers have received, not one mentions blinking eyes. So maybe they only blink for the camera...

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I realized years ago that one of the ironies regarding the Grey is that if they were depicted on film the way witnesses describe them, they'd come across as a very poorly-done special effect. Virtually all F/X artists making Greys have had to humanize their look a great deal to make them more theatrically "believable" to the audience, with things like making a complex skin texture and including more fluid movements to their animations.
Otherwise, yes, this video is a very well done effect. And for once, the artist isn't trying to pass it off as the real deal, and is actually taking credit for it's execution. :D

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