Out There

Gilliland taped predicting UFO, which then appears.

Thanks to the efforts of Leslie Kean and many others, the media is beginning to accept the idea that UFOs are genuine unknowns. Beyond that, though, is a much more difficult reality: the fact that contact is under way, and it is profoundly spiritual and psychic, and flies in the face of the whole secular proposition that human beings are only physical creatures, a proposition fundamental to the beliefs of most western intellectuals. This story is an example of what happens when a person who has been in deep contact for years establishes his connection.

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As I was reading this, lyrics started coming to mind.

Ever Since the World Began - Survivor

Album: Vital Signs

I can see forever, the search is over
You were with me all the while


Nothing magical about the flash of a rotating satellite in the sunlight above the atmosphere. Even though it is 10:30pm local the sun is still illuminating the sky above the atmosphere and allows us to see satellites as they track across the sky. Many rotate and flash on a predictable frequency. Need more evidence than this to show me it was a UFO or that communication was taking place with the object.

I wouldn't say that because the Examiner found someone to write a story on this the major media is beginning to accept the idea of UFOs as real. The Examiner hires writers, most not trained in journalism, from various places. It's not hard to write for them.

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