Out There

Footage from Sweden raises questions.

This footage has been debunked by YouTubers because the videographer takes an interest in CGI work. But his explanation of the video certainly doesn't sound like the work of a hoaxer. To hear him describe what happened, click here.

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Looks like a pie pan being thrown through the trees. With that erratic flight, there would be a fireball right after.

I think it's CGI and shares alot of the same characteristics found in other videos that have been proven fake, such as the WTC UFO. The person in this video didn't even bother to take the time to come up with something original.


CGI, it just "appeared" from behind the first tree.

I think this is probably genuine and the analysis on Youtube supports my view. These are exciting times and the video footage of UFO's across the world is getting better and better. Don't be too quick to debunk something just because it's unusually good. Thanks for sharing this, U.C!

Wow. I just read some of the Youtube comments about this. Such passion and vitriol! The amount of vituperation on there is demoralising.

Someone with some good equipment took the time to look at the video and found some fundamental flaws in the positioning of the UFO in the video. Anything that is too good to be true usually is, I'm quite astounded how easily people fall for these things; always good question everything you see and experience!


It amazes me when I read people's comments on how expert they are on what a UFO is supposed to act or look like "fundamentally". When I meet someone who has actual hands on knowledge of a flying disc and how it operates, then I'll take their word for what a flying disc is supposed to do or not do fundamentally. In the meantime I love all the great videos we're getting now.

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