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'Fluid' orbs over San Francisco

Hard to claim that these very strange lights were lanterns. The question: is there some kind of living form in the sky that accounts for sightings like this?

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In 1975, Trevor James Constable published his book "The Cosmic Pulse of Life". This was a seminal book for me. In it, he describes his adventures with infra-red photography where he captured many images of so-called 'critters' - living entities inhabiting our atmosphere yet invisible to our eyes. They 'lived' in the infra-red frequency range. They appeared as cell-like organisms, yet they were massive. Makes you wonder whether we all live in a petri-dish, like the ones we would look at microscopic organisms in!

I wonder if some of the lights we see are like these critters, or even like the bizarre lifeforms found deep in our oceans that emit light...

Thanks for the reference to Constable's book; I'm very interested in his infra-red photography work. RE the interviewee in the Examiner asking, 'who would be out in the middle of the night photographing(?)' --- that would be -- me -- and anyone else interested in examining and documenting the unseen world around us. I am out almost every night photographing orbs or 'cell-like organisms' in places I visit and all around the area where I live.
I'm not refuting what was seen that night, just the ignorant statement made.
LOVE your 'petri-dish' metaphor!

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