Out There

'Fluid' orbs over San Francisco

Hard to claim that these very strange lights were lanterns. The question: is there some kind of living form in the sky that accounts for sightings like this?

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In 1975, Trevor James Constable published his book "The Cosmic Pulse of Life". This was a seminal book for me. In it, he describes his adventures with infra-red photography where he captured many images of so-called 'critters' - living entities inhabiting our atmosphere yet invisible to our eyes. They 'lived' in the infra-red frequency range. They appeared as cell-like organisms, yet they were massive. Makes you wonder whether we all live in a petri-dish, like the ones we would look at microscopic organisms in!

I wonder if some of the lights we see are like these critters, or even like the bizarre lifeforms found deep in our oceans that emit light...