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Flood of UFO images continues

This is just one example of dozens of similar UFO videos to appear over the past few weeks. There is a great deal of activity at present, so much that it has your Out There editor wondering just what is going on? Will there be more concrete developments? All I can say is, we shall see...

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What is there about this video and the hundreds like them that is comment worthy?
Lights in the sky... no Earthshaking news. Are UFOs real? Of course because no one can identify what is being seen and filmed. By definition, they are UFOs; Unidentified Flying Objects. I would like to see something other than lights or streaks or whatever.
If anyone has proof of the alien nature of these things, please post them.


This section is at odds with the high quality that is provided on the rest of the site.

I would much rather see 10 high quality videos a year that have been independently reviewed by experts in their field, rather than 1000 low class videos showing fuzzy blobs, normally taken via a camera phone and uploaded to YouTube.

Where is the high quality evidence?...Surely it must be out there? Come on, if any of you are sitting on some irrefutable video or photographic evidence, then send it to Whitley so that we can all see it.

I am not suggesting it doesn't exist but I am getting tired of sifting through the rubbish, so to speak.

If there existed an outstanding collection of evidence for everyone to see, then would this site not be the place to show it?

the jan. 2011 Jerusalem UFO youtube videos (5 in total) were stunning. 1 was an obvious fake, but the 4 others were in very good quality. Sadly they were made by some israel film guy and his students. Had they not been fake they would have been 100% proof.

UFOs, bigfoot, black helicopters, dire wolfs etc. are different somehow from other things in Our world. It's not nuts and bolts spacecrafts dodging Our cameras.

I have long gotten tired of blurry spots, but find the contrast between the extraordinary things going on (fx. "Hunt for the skinwalker", "Missing 411", "Communion", Alan Lamers Dreamland interview etc.) and ordinary reality interesting. Is it really the same planet?

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