Out There

Fleet of objects cross Seoul, identical to California sighting.

This group of objects is extremely similar to objects videoed in Carmichael, California two days ago. They are equally difficult to explain, also.

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Is is just me or isn't this just like the daytime fleets seen in Mexico? I think it's fascinating. They can't all be lanterns or Mylar balloons. Something is going on. I just wish one would land.......somewhere the U.S. Government couldn't get to first.

Looks like the real deal to me. I admit it sent shivers down my spine. A single UFO is disturbing enough but when they start showing up in groups, it's downright spooky.

My "sightings", if that is what they were, seemed to be very much farther away, fleets flying in front of stars rather than 'buzzing' earth. The "fleets" I "saw" (I'm keeping an open mind on explanations), consisted of a dozen or so "lights" flying in formation and in some cases appearing to join with other fleets and re-group into a different formation. This always seems to happen an hour or so before dawn and is preceded by a familiar feeling of "Look up; they're here again". I do resist looking but then I realise it's silly to do that and I finally watch the sky and there they are. It's the feeling of overwhelming power in those craft, silently going about their business apparently unaware of being observed from our tiny, obscure planet that I find a bit un-nerving. Like everyone else, I guess I would prefer a definitive event that settles the question of their reality once and for all. Just don't hurt anybody, OK?

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