Out There

Fine UFO pix captured by CFH observatory on Mauna Kea. Thanx @IQXS

The UFO is present on the image provided on the CFH telescope's website, so it is definitely not something added by a CGI gamer. The CFH video can be seen here. Video graded A. (As to what it is, well, that's anybody's guess.)

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The slower moving blobs that are on the water are boats, the same as in the previous video (http://tinyurl.com/4zbhp3e). The streaks that appear to be coming out of Hilo International Airport are airliners. Each exposure is taken aprox. once every sixty seconds, using a long exposure to ensure a bright enough image, hence the streaking.
Information on the CFHT Cloudcam: http://tinyurl.com/4676hyb

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