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Finally, a high quality sighting amid the rash of quadcopter fakes.

Finally, a real sighting. This object was observed and photographed by an amateur astronomer and seen by many thousands of witnesses two nights in a row. It is an authentic unknown for the following reasons: 1, it was seen by many witnesses; 2, an astronomer (amateur, in this case) observed it through a telescope and noted anomalous characteristics such as color change that would be very hard to accomplish with a lighted balloon or quadcopter; 3, it did not fade out or suddenly disappear, but rather darted off, as noted by the astronomer.

At present, the internet is filling up with the latest in hoaxes: the lighted quadcopter being flown at night. They're easily identifiable and, frankly, to someone like your Out There editor, another reminder of just how moronic the hoaxers are, and how dull their output is.

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Man I am so tired of this stuff. Why don't the occupants of these things park a mile wide craft over a heavily populated area, say, Chicago, for about 3 hours around noon for 4 to 5 days in a row. Mystery solved, unless said occupants want all this deception.

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