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Extremely creepy demon photo from hospital

John Greenewald has posted this photo on his website, the Black Vault, and is asking for any information anyone may have about it. But one of our photo analysts has weighed in with the following comment:

OK. This is a hoax. :-)

My bet is that someone read about the Latoya Ammons case (See below) and decided to have some fun by ginning up an alleged surveillance shot.

It's really easy to fake stuff when the final image is way out of focus and distorted, which can hide a multitude of sins.  In this case, the "demon" is opaque yet casts no shadow, which makes no sense. (Notice that the table next to the bed casts a definite shadow on the floor.)

Pls keep in mind that shadows are always the hardest thing to fake in a photoshop job, and sometimes the perp just forgets them outright, which seems to be the case here. Big, smokin' gun.

Granted, demons might be privileged to break the laws of physics at their whim, and to have anatomies that make no sense at all, as this one does. But unless the actual surveillance video surfaces and passes muster, I don't think we should give this a whole lot of attention.

BTW, what looks like an arm reaching out from the demon's knee is actually the bed railing on its far side. And I can see no clear indication of a dying man in the bed. If someone's in the bed, his or her face has been covered or blacked out.

To learn about the Ammons case, click here.
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The image is a reflection, there are other structures in that reflection. Besides the Angel of Death does not have scrawny legs. This is a youth with ghetto attire. Hoodie, dark and ominous. They like the look of being dangerous. You have to look tough in the ghetto or you get picked on. Poor choice of clothing looking like the angel of death and going into a hospital.

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