Out There

Extreme Strangeness over London. On a clear day you can see...a very odd little cloud.

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This looks for all the world like a skydiver using a parafoil. The shape of the object remains consistent with that over the course of the video, and the diver seems to appear in the correct position at various points. Although this jumper sure likes putting their canopy into a dive...

They allow sky diving over their parliament?

Actually, the object isn't over Westminster Palace. We get a couple of seconds of parliament from Westminster Bridge, then the video cuts to a different vantage point, apparently from under the parliament buildings, pointing roughly northwest at the building across the street. The distance is difficult to tell, but the object is probably over either St. James Park or Green Park, provided it actually is the size of a parachute. As far as I know it's illegal to skydive over urban areas due to the obvious safety considerations.
I also just noticed something else: the object appears to be climbing, rather than descending, as it is higher in the frame later in the video, and also is climbing in relation to the separate object that appears near it. If it's a skydiver, then that could mean it would have to be coming directly toward the camera, but that's not terribly likely. *Perhaps* a parafoil kite, since that could gain altitude, but it appears to be turning too much to be that.

I had a fluid moment while watching this and thought it
to be jellyfish like in mass. Always three merging.
I wanted it to come closer to range, to stop every daily thing.
I am so impatient with the world governments at this point.
They are of course privatizing what should be in the public domain
once again.

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