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Extraordinary photo of object in China

This photo is not a lens effect, and as this is a multiple witness case, what is on the image was probably in the sky. But what is it? It appears to be a cloud, so is it some sort of bizarre natural phenomenon? With so many weather anomalies these days, that seems possible. But could it also be something concealing itself in a self-generated cloud? Unless this is a very elaborate hoax, which in this day and time is always possible, it's a genuine unknown.

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This is obviously a bug, look closely see the wings and stripes in the abdominal area found on common bees or wasps. Then add a flash and good timing...

Who's putting these pictures and videos up and saying they are genuine unknowns? Common.

Maybe those vertical gas plumes are due to some process designed to keep the object hovering in space. Has anyone investigated whether the Chinese are experimenting with new forms of aeronautics?

"This is obviously a bug...Common" xevious
Reading comprehension is your friend>

..."and as this is a multiple witness case"

...unidentified flying object was spotted by a group of visitors when visiting the Phoenix Mountain scenic spot in Heilongjiang Province around 3:42 pm July 8. This mysterious scene was captured by a professional photographer who was taking the visitors' photos.

The object vanished rapidly after a streak of white light was detected. The witnesses reported the case to local police station after the sighting. Relevant local authorities have already been informed.

By the way, there is a huge difference between bees and wasps. Wow. Never thought I would be debunking the debunkee. But that was rich.

I am not sure what it is, but I am pretty certain it is not an insect. The shape is all wrong, and if you blow up the image, the gas-like plumes almost resemble the flares shooting out from a black hole, and there is some sort of yellowish center that the flares seem to emanate from...Also, those 'flares' are at very odd angles to the the central object which is itself oddly shaped. Kind of weird, but not discounting possible camera tricks.

The shape is consistent with a bee or wasp making a sharp turn, the vertical gas plumes are the wings! High performance jets making sharp banks or turns put their wings at a vertical angle. It's more likely it's all a hoax.

To me, the body shape and even the slight striping appear consistent with that of a moth, although the 'wings' in the image above do seem small for examples I have seen via Google images.

Regardless of what type of insect it is...an insect it is...I could be wrong of course but I am going with that for now.

The rest of the story regarding multiple witnesses I just don't buy. If the photographer caught it whilst taking visitors' photos, then the visitors were most likely looking towards the camera and away from the object, assuming it was behind them. So did the visitors report the incident to the local police based on their own sighting, or the photographic evidence (which the no doubt excited photographer convinced them was a real UFO)?...because of course, it couldn't be an insect could it? ;-)

Anyway, insect or not...is this photo good enough to make you really care either way?

This somehow reminds me of "rods", except for the "cloud" aspect...

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