Out There

Excellent video on NASA anomalies.

NASA is required by law not to comment on unknowns that it discovers until the military has determined that they are not dangerous. So it remains silent on the wealth of evidence that it releases in the normal course of its operations, limiting itself to pointing out which objects are thought to be space debris and not commenting on the others. This video offers an outstanding compilation of NASA video, and illustrates the importance of changing the law, so that NASA can comment.

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This is, by far, one of the most astonishing videos I have ever seen.

Though a compilation and by no means verified, empirically, this video (and its 2nd part) offer tantalising glimpses of little seen alternative nourishment.

If you hunger for material like this... binge feed now. Consume it. Digest it. Wallow in the luxury of a truly classic YouTube UFO clip video.

I really do, just as living things can live under the crushing weight of the ocean living on methane, can live in space. Not very intelligent, but living things just the same.

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