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Excellent orb video from San Antonio, Texas

The first part of this video is pretty interesting. It is one of the longest and clearest orb videos I am aware of. Mr. Strieber sent it to our video experts, and the response so far is that it is probably not a CGI job, and is not any obvious known object like a balloon or some sort of cinder. It moves with apparent purpose, almost as if it is displaying itself. The second part of the tape is of nighttime lights. Unfortunately, like most such videos there is no real way to determine what it is.

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Three things really stand out about this video. 1) It doesn't have the "classic" orb shape--it's not a perfect circle, but somewhat flattened and elongated like a miniature UFO. 2) It's clearly not a flash artifact like most orb still photos taken after dark with cheap digital cameras. 3) It's luminous, but not as bright as the background sky, against which it looks like a small shadow. It must have been visible to the naked eye for the person to have noticed it and started recording it on their cell phone camera.

This is the first time I've ever commented on the site but I was intrigued because this orb is so similar to the UFO I saw along with three other close friends of mine almost 15 years ago. It was a night-time sighting and this object came to us as we enjoyed a campfire in early June, twice. It was much larger (maybe 15-20ft in diameter) and it was more red. It hovered just above the treetops for 10 minutes or so almost as if it was checking us out. It then slowly moved over a nearby forested area. We followed it to the tree line but didn't have the courage to go in after it. The shape,luminescence and movement of the above object is eerily similar to what we witnessed. I can tell you that in my heart the object seemed to be intelligent. I've often pondered on this experience and feel after years of contemplation that what we saw was some sort of sentient being in energy form. Odd I know, but I don't think it was a machine for transport purposes.

I think the object is simply a feather that is over exposed and reflecting the sunlight; the video is taken late in the afternoon due to the low angle the light coming in. At the beginning of the video, the feather this is quite apparent.

A few years ago an orb similar to this one (except that it was perfectly spherical) hovered in my room near my bed about 2AM one night. I watched it for a while, then it gradually faded away. I too had the impression that it was an intelligent entity.

I thought the first half of this was extremely interesting at first but I am tending towards xevious' suggestion above, that this is an overexposed feather.

On first inspection it appears as if the object is skirting along close to the floor at one point, all the time illuminated by its own light but there is no way to judge how far this object is away from the camera, or the background it appears to be close to....so, this object could be a lot closer to the camera than you might think (hence the blur)...and if it is, it could be a lot higher off the ground than you might think, where it could quite easily be caught in the late evening sunlight - the same sunlight that is illuminating the trees in the foreground to the right.

The second half of the video just looks like a collection of fireflies, or something similar, on the side of a building.

An overexposed feather? Well....I don't think so. I've never seen a drifting feather on a day when the wind is not blowing; actually, I don't see drifting feathers hardly ever, and I have lived in the country for over 20 years. Re: the second half of the video, the cluster, wish there were more context for it.

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