Out There

Excellent Huff Post article on UFO videos.

This is a very good article that points out what I see every day: the vast majority of UFO videos that appear online are either crude hoaxes or impossible to pin down. I often wonder about the hoaxers. What are they trying to accomplish, I wonder? Drunks, maybe, trying to have a little fun between beers?

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I just have to say it(hoaxing) sort of speaks to the times at hand. We have an unusually large number of highly intelligent people looking for work and trying to make a name for themselves. Sometimes bad press is the only press. I'm not defending their actions in the slightest, but I do expect more and not less of it.
I've been tempted by the allure of such hooliganism trying to get the word out about my home made solar generator and receive donations. But I'm far too honest for that sort of thing. I'd rather build ufo detectors and recording devices, if my project is ever successful. Visit my site if you'd like to help.

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