Out There

Either this is a bizarre world or it's full of bizarre CGI artists. You decide

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The world has become so strange, that determining what 'reality' is has become next to impossible. Maybe that is the point, and all is CGI, including us.

I think it is a bizarre world that also happens to be full of bizarre, attention-seeking CGI 'artists'...

Two potential slippages regarding this one: Before the camera is zoomed in, there are a few frames where the reflection of the TV antenna that the object is moving over is seen in the window of the balcony's door, however the reflection of the object itself is missing. The object itself is also not a "proper" three-dimensional object: as the object's blades rotate, they outright disappear when viewed edge-on.

I don't know sometimes who has more free time---the aliens or the CGI folks, but either way, someone sure is staying busy keeping the rest of guessing!

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