Out There

Detailed daylight video from Colombia

This object was videotaped over Colombia on January 11. It displays intricate and impressive detail, but which is blurred in a manner that suggests that it may not be a computer graphic, which would have sharper edges, but is rather an actual object being recorded from a distance. If this is the case, then this is an unusually detailed daylight video of an unknown object.

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This doesn't look real to me - there are a couple of instances, where it skips with respect to the background (0:21 to 0:24) which suggest to me CGI. Also the colours of the thing in close up look like the kind of iridescent colours you might get from a console game, like Halo.

There is something hanging down from the bottom (which would become much more evident in a stabilized version). Looks like a mylar balloon to me.

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