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Daylight UFO photos over China

Of course, these would be easy to create in the comuter, but it seems less likely that a hoaxer would go to such pains to make them appear to be blurred like this--or, for that matter, why they are blurred, given that the other objects in the frame are not. Distortion like this has been observed in other UFO photos.

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Amazing photos, a couple of thousands of those and everyone has to believe.
Though photos and videos are not really the evidence they used to be:

Considering the subtle lens flares that appear in photos #1 and #3, if these are faked, then the artist is a good one. The lack of focus in #2 just appears to be a matter of the camera being out of focus, nothing odd there, since everything is out of focus. The effect of the depth of field in #1 is suggestive that the camera is focusing on an object that's at least as far away as the roadway--provided the picture isn't a composite, of course. ;)
One thing I can't make out, though, is what that dark shape is above the object in #3?

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