Out There

Daylight UFO clip from Japan, 2 hrs before quake.

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Reminds me of this event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiJXijKeGpI, at about 2min 52 secs.

Japanese footage reminds me of a game of FLOW! Fascinating.

Potential earthlights? They certainly fit the bill...

It looks like another CGI hoax. The same effects are used with objects going around a central one which then zoom off in various direction; the same type of movements, light intensity, object intensity and glow are also present in other videos which include the Jerusalem and Brazil UFO's. All they have have to do is duplicate more convincing UFO footage and throw in visual elements seen off commercial and military aircraft in flight. My guess is that the effects are relatively quick and easy to produce and making it look more convincing would require too much time and the use of special effects software they couldn't afford.

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