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Compelling new Bigfoot video from Calgary

We've had this looked at both by a video expert and an expert on primates. It is not a special effect, and it may be a primate. Unfortunately, the footage is not clear enough to be certain, but it is compelling.

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It seems a little out of the ordinary for a child to repeat, "That is not human". Not to say it is not possible, but a typical child would more likely be asking, "Daddy, what is that?". Seems suspect to me.

Does the other girl say, "You can hear him."? Interesting. I find the man's breathy talk a bit suspect, but the footage is interesting.

Children can be way smarter than you give them credit. It sure looks like a Sasquatch to me. They could hear it breaking through the forest, stepping on fallen branches and most importantly walking on two feet. Plus these days Bigfoot is in fashion. The zeitgeist factor is relative. For more and much better video I suggest Todd Standing and his 11 minute video which shows the face and you can easily see eyes, mouth, and fur on face, and David Paulides, who has been on Dreamland, said looks legit to him. Keep up the great work Whitley and Anne.

TenaciousD could you possible provide a link to the Todd Standing 11 minute video, as I am have difficulty finding it? I found one at 14+ minutes but I am not sure if that is the one you are referring to.

I have found a shorter compilation of less than a minute here...
...but I have to say, the blink at 0:35 on the above link looks clearly like CGI to me - I could be wrong of course but I have serious doubts about it...so I would like to watch the one you are referring to, just in case the link I found is bogus. Thanks.

Just sayin'...As furry as that thing is, why wasn't the child saying, "That is not a bear"? I feel that children were thrown into this to lend authenticity. Having given birth to two exceptionally bright sons, and also the grandmother of 3, I know that most children tend to be fairly intelligent and creative until they get dumbed down by our education system and society's often warped ideas of what constitutes a successful, self-actualized human being. Also, the adult is whispering and, if it was me, I would be encouraging my kids to be quiet so that they don't frighten the animal into leaving the scene.

While the creature could be authentic, I question the authenticity of the human behavior. I have to admit though, it was refreshing to view a video without the accompanying "What the %!*#!! is that?" that seems so common these days in many high strangeness videos out there.

4 stars for creativity, and 1 star for attention to detail. :-)

Impossible to evaluate the authenticity of the video. Although, human nature leads me to believe that if someone spent money and a lot of effort to set this up (as a hoax) then they would be very tempted to make a clearer and closer video.

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