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Cloud with a mind of its own falls out of sky in UAE

This must be a CGI effect, but we have sent it along to our video experts anyway. If it isn't, we'll certainly let you know.

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This is not a cloud, it is foam (bubbles). I had the same thing flying around my yard when i dumped bubble bath in the hot tub.

It's definitely not a cloud nor bubbles. What it looks like is a sheet of very fine cotton batten substance rolled up, as you can see it unrolling with the thin layer sticking out at the back. As he could put his hand in and make a hole by pushing the substance to the side, it is obvious it is some kind of material. Something that just got away from somebody and was carried off by the wind.

'Real', CGI, bubble bath, whatever...It's pretty darn cool to watch! :-)

If you could watch it without the heavy metal crap music playing and somebody having written over top of the video a plea to like him on his Facebook page. Very disappointing!

I'm not so convinced this is CGI. Mainly because of the pretty involved shadowing going on, particularly when the guy walks up next to it and into its shadow. I also think the bubble theory is ridiculous, it doesn't behave like a bubble mass. It's too bad the resolution is so low. I'm usually very skeptical about these videos, but unless a real pro was involved in faking it I'm inclined to think this is a genuine unknown.

Horrible music in the background....turned off the sound and just watched the "cloud." It's interesting but since I have never seen a cloud fall from the sky, IMHO, it's bogus or some man made or natural fiber.

I've watched this some more and I've changed my mind. Now I think it could be bubbles. Whatever it is, both the big mass and other pieces get hung up on the fence and the ground cover. The low resolution makes it look more gaseous, but if it were water vapor it would pass through the fence. Thank goodness it didn't vaguely resemble Mary or we'd have another one of those frenzies going on.

This video is a reminder not to take anything too seriously. Laughter...Whitley, isn't that one of things wholeheartedly endorsed by the Master of the Key? This video is fun and spooky at the same time. I'm pretty sure it is bubbles. If you ever watched your child in a tub full of bubbles, there is lots of laughter and fun, and the bubbles float, cling, and can be molded into a neat beard or hat on your head. The fact that this video apparently came from the Middle East just adds to the 'mystery'.

Have joy...:-)

Helium filled pinata.

stupid! it look like the airy stuffing fiber i used to pack in worn down pillows. you buy this in the stores...it is just as light and fluffy! it would float in the wind gust and do just what i see. come on peos. some thing are just fake!
Also when putting the hand in the so called; cloud...it massed up. there is no CGI to this or anything else. it did not even disslove going through the fence or when it hit the ground. temperture inversion would make it wet or dissipate...very poor!
he whould have eaten the cloud, what a dummy.

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