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Clear nighttime UFO footage from Utah

The two experts in this Weather Channel video of a UFO over Utah speculate that the object may have been a) a radio controlled plane or b) a lighted paraglider. They're genial and open-minded, at least, but are not aware of what is actually happening in Utah. What they don't realize is that a similar UFO was photographed over the state in an abduction situation that is reported on this week's Dreamland. The two objects are pictured here side by side. The first shot is a frame grab from the witnesses video taken on the night of January 27, 2012. The second is from the cellphone of the witness in the multiple abduction in the same area on December 19, 2011. Of course, in the second image, the object is much closer--in fact, just outside the car of the witness. But there appears to be a general similarity of form and certainly the striking blue color is very similar.

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Unfortunately, it turns out This "UFO" was launched as part of a contest to advertise a website, here's the guy doing it:

A coincidence is all that it is,there no way they are the same thing.

Goodcopbadcop ? Just watched your barbed wire contraption go up and am thinking im no expert but that dosent look like the object in the photograph, they look totally different, unless your barbed wire ufo can change shape ? :-)

I agree - the only similarity between the wireframe version and the photo on the left, is the colour.

Just out of interest, if you want to see some more examples of the close encounter photo shown on the right, you can see them here (half way down the page) via earthfiles...


BTW, you don't have to be a subscriber to see them.

That doesn't look the same however. You can see the thing strand of lights, and the other individual lights, and the banner hanging down. The Weather Channel video's object looks very different. It has an actual form to it, and has pulsing lights. t also does not have a banner hanging down. That's not to say it's not some kind of blue LED illuminated balloon, but it's not that Freelancer.com thing.

This story looks suspicious in my opinion, the drawing shows the blue lights to follow the central circle area however in the pictures they do not. The way the lights are shaped and set horizontally to one another remind me of those portable lighting towers. The UFO captured can be easily faked using a UFO balloon with blue lights attached to it.

I find if it's too good to be true it usually is...

If you watch the hoaxers video and the footage on the weather.com site you'll see it's the same object.
It's just that the weather.com footage is a blow up of the far away LED circle.
Freeze the hoaxers video at 2:47 and you'll see what I mean.
I have taken a screencap of the hoax and enlarged it to illustrate my point:
You can see it's the same object, obviously photographed at a different angle and by a different camera.
It has the same features:
A broken circle of blue light with what appears to be blue sphere beneath it.

Saw that wire LED hoaxer footage and it looks nothing like Clear nighttime UFO footage from Utah. I thought is was funny that the hoaxer had a name on his craft for advertisement hanging from it. ;)

I tried to access the video on the link provided. Seems it's been removed from the Weather Channel's site. Anyone got another link where the original can be seen?

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