Out There

California multiple witnessed daylight object.

Multiple witness UFO sightings are fairly unusual, and this one must have been quite noticeable to have attracted so many witnesses. Unfortunately, the photo that was taken is not good, but there is no reason to doubt the accounts. Silver cylinders are a relatively common UFO type.

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This is EXACTLY what I saw on numerous occasions when I lived in East LA. My son saw it too. I reported it to MUFON, and they told me- I kid you not- that it was a weather balloon. I saw it about 5 times over a 14 month period. Then in addition, once I saw it over Hollywood near a contrail, and once near Palm Springs while driving to Phoenix - over Joshua Tree Ntl Park. That sighting was a bit weird for me because I'd just seen it in LA a few days before. It looked like a really, really bright Venus in the middle of the day. My son saw it about 3 of those times.

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