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Bulgarian UFO Video appears to be authentic.

There is nothing about this video that suggests that it is a hoax. This unknown object was recorded in Bulgaria a few nights ago. The one thing that stops your Out There editor from declaring this gold-standard genuine is that the YouTube poster regularly posts UFO video. While certain people are known to attract the attention of UFOs, it is unusual for a single individual to have so many sightings. Once or twice in a lifetime yes, but not every few weeks. Still, the video does appear genuine.

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One of the reasons that I became such a ravenous student of the UFO/ET subject was due to the fact that I watched star-like UFO's appearing and disappearing instantly in the skies over central Phoenix DURING THE DAYTIME hours, every single day for almost two months straight! This happened about a month after I was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of Prostate cancer ( I was only 46 yrs old) that required immediate surgery if I was to have a chance at survival. This was about 5 1/2 years ago. I even went so far as to mentally 'request' the UFO's to manifest themselves to me on request after about the 3rd week of sightings and by god they would do so on almost every attempt. I made a point of thanking them for doing so, and for sharing their presence with myself and two other co-workers that also saw them with me. So having someone that genuinely is able to photograph them many times in succession does not seem like a stretch to me at all and I would give this photographer the benefit of the doubt here. I was 'switched on' mentally almost 6 years ago to really study this subject intensely out of the blue one afternoon when a random photo on the internet made me suddenly remember a very close sighting event that I had at my grandmother's rural home in Michigan in the Summer of 1973 when a phosphorescent red orb showed up one late night in the field about 200 feet away from where we were located in the driveway of her house after just arriving home late at night. I was in shock at seeing it hovering about 50 feet in the air in the open field while the rest of my family weirdly ignored my continued attempts to make them look at it ! The rest of that night is a total blank for me and I had forgotten about it completely until that photo on the internet 6 years ago when it all came back to me. This is a truly amazing FACT that is now a part of my life and I welcome any and all real attempts at understanding who these beings are and the amazing craft that they use for travel. The abduction part of it scares the shit outta me though for some reason that I try not to think about...

I have had so many sightings I couldn't possibly count them all. Not all up gloriously close and personal, but actual sightings, yes, and more frequently (and increasingly personal) in recent years. When I was in the Pacific, in 2011, I was able to flick my lighter and get them to respond. Once, they even assembled in formation. About 5 or so.

There is a special place in the sky I like to look for them and they always seem to appear, but impossibly far way.

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