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Brazil Unknown Object with String of Lights

This video was posted by a 'cottage industry' UFO video poster who makes money off of advertising. But it's also possible that it's a hoax designed to attract clicks. Still, it's an interesting image. Possible unknown...unless a streetlight.

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I still find this UFO the most impressive:


That is an impressive video. I think that its charm and sheer sense of ordinary lends a certain authenticity that I find lacking in many of these alleged 'UFO' videos. My guess is that it has been ignored by many because some people looked at it as just a nice little family in Wales posting shots of the kids and dog, without taking the time to really watch and listen. It reminds me of Steven Spielberg, oddly enough, and the way he takes ordinary people and plops then down in extraordinary circumstances in his movies. His characters, like Elliot and his family in 'ET', are easy to relate to for the average American, and they also made 'ET' much more than a movie about aliens and UFOs.

This video is also about much more than aliens and UFOs, and I feel that there is some kind of subtle message going on with this too, that may not be apparent to most people (And it may not be intended for everyone either.) Odd as this sounds, this low-key little vid affected me on a very emotional level that is hard to explain.


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