Out There

Boomerang over Sydney. Video is authentic, but what is it?

The first 20 seconds of this video reveal a boomerang in the upper part of the frame. It's light and hard to see, but very definitely there, and it is not a balloon. However, it appears to be flying rather than sliding in a more typical UFO pattern. Could it be a classified aircraft? Possible, but unlikely to appear over a large metro area. Graded A.

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I wonder if this could be something like a "rod", som3 strange biological oddity???

The first object he spots (the boomerang-shaped one) is rather reminiscent of the recent video from London, filmed near Westminster. All of the other objects following this one don't appear to be anything out of the ordinary: The videographer is using an infrared filter to film, and jet exhaust comes across as pretty bright on infrared.

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