Out There

Bolivian daylight UFO.

An interesting daylight UFO that may well be authentic. Graded B.

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It wobbles a bit and then is pulled away. It behaves as though it is pulled from above. To me it looks like an object hanging from a thread.

One thing to bear in mind is that UFOs witnessed in previous decades exhibited an odd "falling leaf" motion pattern while descending, presumably an aspect of it's drive mechanism, something not reported as much in recent years.
There's a slight secondary wobble to the object, suggesting that it's a small object that's spinning, and it's odd that the videographer doesn't centre the object in the frame, as if to keep something above the frame from being seen. However, this is counteracted when he does pan upward while tracking the object after it leaves. The camera also lags behind the object considerably at the end of the video, giving the impression that it's being recorded in real-time, although an observant enough hoaxer would be able to fake this easily. There's also an object zooming by in the background after the object leaves the frame, however this could also could be added in post.

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