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Bizarre unknown phenomenon in Japan: columns of light

These columns of light, if not some sort of hoax video, are really very difficult to explain except as plasmas mediated by some sort of unknown and powerful magnetic phenomenon emerging out of the planet. What they may mean is anybody's guess, but the notion has been put forward that similar things happened before the Tunguska event of 1908.

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Is there any corroboration of this? It looks like it would be an awfully large event with many witnesses.

The first photo shown looks completely fake, and not even a good one (look how the "column of light" intersects the building.) The others could easily be faked by even a casual user of photo editing software, and when they do the reverse image it looks like a consistent pixel shading border between the buildings and the light column, which suggests a mask and feather technique.

My overall assessment: a complete waste of time. I know when I write this type of feedback I sound like a "debunker", but keep in mind I think there are a lot of extraordinary phenomena in the world, including genuine UFOs, etc. The problem is this kind of stuff just makes it easier to laugh at the real phenomena worth investigating.

Wish I could be so sure it's a fake. For now, I'll just wait and see

Youtube is the place for fake videos, not unknowncountry. Don't You guys have any idea how many fake videos, conspiracy theories and wild claims there are out there?
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