Out There

Bigfoot video, conveniently out of focus. Arrgh!

If this is authentic I'd be very surprised. The special effects would appear to be a gorilla suit and an out of focus camera. But this is the Out There section, so we'll give it the (slight) benefit of the doubt.

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Alas.... one of the biggest mouths commenting on the page was "a simple lamb" and all he did was beat the drum for Jezus! Lamb sound like the typical type. "Sell Jesus Insurance so you dont have to emulate Him!" IMHO, as I do believe in God, or whatever you want to call the Holy Being, Those like lamb shoot off their mouths because it is easier than attempting to emulate the Divine. The Bushido says," the fastest swords are never drawn." In the West it is said, " Those who can, will do. Those who can not, teach." Just a thought. I hope I did not offend by showing folks a mirror.

I noticed that too, Samuel, but it might be more appropriate to address ASL's issues on the site where he's posting, rather than in here.

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