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Best UFO videos of January 2013

This is an interesting compilation of sightings for January 2013. Your Out There editor isn't going to comment on each one, but a number of them appear authentic. Some advice: as always, Third Phase of Moon has added a music track that is, shall we say, not to everyone's taste. Watch on mute if it screeches your blackboard the way it does mine.

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Thirdfaseofthemoon or Blake Cousins is well known for his fake cgi videos just go to his channel and look at his vids they are mostly cgi mixed in with a few real footage,if this guy wants to be taken seriously why does he make fake videos,i do not trust his vids becuase of this and you should not post anything from thirdfase.

The only real footage in this vid are the last 2,one being from the Stan Romanek case of the orb coming down over the roof of the house.

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