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Beautiful video of a huge, complex crop formation from July 29, 2011

The farmer whose field received this gorgeous formation threatened to spray people entering it. He has harvested the field. Ah, life on a falling world, such a delight. Will the angels catch YOU in time?

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I received this from a friend that lives in El Paso a few days ago and I usually delete most of this info after reading it BUT what caught my eye is the part about the movie 'DEEP IMPACT'. I ordered it from the library so as to refresh my memory. (To see for myself if she got it right.) This crop circle is also made reference to in the article below.


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We just entered the Mayan Dreamspell New Year on July 26, 2011. This is the
year of the White Wizard, also known as the torchbearer. This is the year we
will be able to create a larger vision. The Wizard is also the healer, the
mystic, and the magician. The Wizard is a tool of light and a conduit for
the work of Spirit. A wise Wizard allows magic to happen. This means don't
push, just go with the flow. Of course you still have to create what you
wish to experience and then watch it manifest.

The Harry Potter movie came out last month, which was full of magic and
excitement. In the end the light won. This is where we are right now in
prophecy even though it appears really dark. The darkness is just an
illusion and this illusion is about to end. It is the illusion we all
created when we first created duality. Those of us living in the United
States have been getting a good dose of duality by watching our congress
fight over the budget. The Republicans are against the Democrats and this
creates duality. We will soon be moving into Unity consciousness. According
to the Mayan Calendar, this will happen by October 28, 2011. It seems like
something major will happen to push us into that consciousness.

There are three comets coming into our reality this summer and fall. The
first one is a comet named Honda. This comet has a core of 1.6 km. That is a
pretty big core, and it will come within 0.0601 AU of Earth on August 15,
2011. In the Mayan calendar the fifth night of the ninth wave happens
between August 18 and Sept 4th. This is a period called destruction. The
glyph for August 18 is the Red Electric Earth. I think this comet will
affect the magnetic field of Earth. Honda has a five and a quarter year
orbit around our Sun commencing from the Ophiuchus (Asclepius) constellation
at the Galactic Equator. When Honda passed close to Earth on February 4,
1975 there was a 7.3 magnitude quake in China.

A crop circle appeared in England on July 29, 2011. It has 29 circles in the
form of a snake. The sign of Ophiuchus is a man/woman holding a snake. On
August 16 the Earth, Sun, and Venus line up in the heavens. The Mayan
calendar is based on the planet Venus and the Pleiadian Star System. Neptune
is a higher vibration than Venus and is considered the feminine higher mind
planet. On August 22 Neptune will be on 29 degrees Aquarius, the Sun will be
on 29 degrees Leo aligning with Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, and the
midpoint will be 29 Taurus where our central Sun Alcyone is located. This is
very significant. Check out www.cropcircleconnector.com
and look for the July 29th circle.

Then we have Elenin in our heavens. The earthquake in Chile happened when
Elenin aligned with other planets on February 27, 2010. The Sun was in the
sign of Pisces at that time. Then there was a quake in New Zealand on
September 4, 2010 when the Sun was in the sign of Virgo. When the quake and
tsunami in Japan happened the Sun was in the sign of Pisces. We are
approaching September again and there might be another event at that time.
Elenin will be at the closest point to the Sun on 9-11-2011.

Some people think Elenin is a large space ship the size of a comet. They
could be right. I looked at the name Elenin and saw the word El (Elohim) and
the word nine. Could this mean that this comet is really a ship with nine
Elohim (our creators) on it?

I watched a movie called Deep Impact a couple of days ago. This movie came
out in 1998. The movie began with a teenage boy, named Leo, discovering a
comet. They named the comet E.L.E. meaning extinction level event. A man
named Leo is the one who discovered Elenin last December 10, 2010. In the
movie we had a black president and he was having a challenge with Congress
about the new budget.

When the comet was getting close, the President announced it to the public.
He said they were sending up a shuttle to blow up the comet. When they tried
to destroy the comet it broke into two pieces, both of them heading for
Earth. Then they sent up more fighters to blow up one of the pieces and that
debris came down as meteors and dust. The other piece was still on the way
to Earth.

Then the president said they were having a lottery from social security
numbers and were choosing 800,000 people who would be allowed to go into the
underground shelters to be safe from the impact. The other part of the comet
fell to Earth and caused a large tidal wave on the East Coast. The end of
the movie was where they were setting up a new government in the middle of
the United States and were starting to rebuild the country. What a movie! It
looks to me like a remote viewer, or a psychic, looked into the future and
they made a movie about what he or she had seen.

Now, what are the planets doing? First of all Mercury will be retrograde for
most of August so expect crazy mixed up energy, especially with cars or
electronic toys. The Sun is now moving through the fire sign Leo. This will
probably activate more fire events like fires and volcanic eruptions. It
will also cause more heat in the places that normally experience hot

Mars is moving into the water sign Cancer and will be moving and activating
the area from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. This will probably
activate more storms and flooding in those areas plus in other parts of the
world. Mars will also activate the cardinal cross that is in the heavens. It
will start by squaring Uranus so look for unexpected events, or a storm that
comes out of nowhere.

Mars will oppose Pluto on five degrees Cancer/Capricorn on August 10,
shortly before the full moon of

August 13th. Pluto will be on the degree of accidents and gun shot wounds.
One of the reasons the terrorist event happened in Oslo was because Pluto
was on that degree when that event happened. My love goes out to those who
lost loved ones in that event. Losing a loved one is a very emotional

China will also be activated by this Mars/Pluto activation, along with the
US Midwest. I just heard that there are volcanic plumes coming up in
California and Nevada. A Mars/Pluto aspect can cause volcanic eruptions.
We had a solar flare on July 30th which will activate earth events. We
entered the 5th day on July 31, and the Dreamspell glyph for that day was
the Blue Storm, which is ruled by Pluto. I had a dream this morning (July
31) of a large earthquake. I don't think it was here is Seattle, although I
don't know where it will be. The last time I had a dream of a large quake
was before the tsunami in Sumatra.

We have a very powerful full moon coming up on August 13 with the comet
Honda in the sky, Mars and Pluto in opposition, and Mars on the degree of
the last solar eclipse. Time will tell what this brings. We will also be
moving into the 5th night on August 18th which brings destruction with it.
Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde and spinning their
wheels (so to speak) which means there will be more agitation than normal in
our world. And there is a good chance there will be more solar events.

What can we do to respond peacefully to all this agitation? What about
meditating every day, go for a walk on the beach, take a vacation, or just
enjoy nature. People who have planets in the cardinal cross (Aries, Cancer,
Libra or Capricorn) will feel this energy the most. If you have removed all
thoughts of fear and anger from your subconscious mind, you will survive
this energy much easier. Life can be happy-look for the joy in living-sing,
dance, go for a walk, and do whatever makes you happy. You are the most
important person in the world, take care of yourself.

There is less than three months until the end of the Mayan calendar. Open
your heart and stay in contact with that peace within you. Be an observer
instead of an actor. Watch the illusion change from one of darkness to one
of light. Concentrate on creating the life you wish to live. Think about
moving into Unity consciousness and become the beautiful angels you were
meant to be. So Be It!

Wow, that video soundtrack is poor. Really. Did they hold a microphone up to an AM radio?

Even if a formation like this is a hoax, it's hard to conceive of the degree of organization and number of people to execute it in the dark and fast enough so they don't get caught. I mean if I were a farmer, I'd want these people to stop stamping down my crops! Don't they have dogs that bark, and go out to investigate?

In all this time, I've never heard of a case where hoaxers got caught in the act, or got spooked and left a formation in an obviously half-done state, or left foot tracks outside of the formation or plow lines. And wouldn't they have to get to the site and park their vehicle somewhere nearby? No police officer ever investigated a stopped car like that and came upon circle hoaxers as a result, that I ever heard. I'm not saying there are no hoaxers, I just find it hard to believe that they're A) that flawlessly good, and B) have the time and inclination to keep this up over so many years. Not to mention the characteristics described of "real" crop circles, like the woven wheat, unbroken stalks, etc.

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