Out There

Awesome UFO video from Canada. If authentic, truly amazing.

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So he is saying that there are various other people who have captured this footage. Just like the Temple Mount video, it would be wise to save judgement until the other clips are authenticated and and sources investigated. If it is a fake, well it's a very stunning production.

This doesn't pass the sniff test. There were multiple angles--including from above? Don't think so.

Looks painfully fake to my eyes. How did the top down view happen with the curve of the earth?? theweatherspace.com looks a bit flakey to me too.

This video is a little over a year old (originally from May 21, 2010), and still isn't convincing. Note that despite the large difference in the camera angles, both "shockwave rings" look identical, and in each case are aligned with the camera, as opposed to the horizon. Also note that the event doesn't cast any light on either the landscape or aircraft wing, considering it would be only 2 miles from the ground camera (according to the time lag from the sonic booms).

I agree with Madd Matt, after looking at it a couple of times, I noticed the light display had no effect on the surroundings. "It" does not appear to be an actual part of the natural landscape.

The "crickets" sound in the background sounds a bit too loud and fake. Go to hollywood; your talents are wasted.

Looks like we gave reached the once thought impossible...Light Speed. This is real hahaha...we have done the impossible !!! David Adair said we already have craft that are capable of traveling at light speed. If you dont know who David Adair is, Google him and the youtube vidoes. Or you can find them on a website called Real UFO News dot com
It will blow you away what he has to say ! I am still shocked actually !

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