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Australian amateur astronomer gets UFO video

An Australian amateur astronomer with a good camera caught this image of an unusual object he videotaped in the night sky outside of his home in Karoonda, Australia on April 9 at about 9:30 PM. The object is in focus for only a few seconds in the video, and the screen shot here shows one of those moments. As this is a screenshot taken from a video of something that is clearly in the sky, it is not a light fixture. It is not a star or passing plane. The object is an unknown.

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Wow! At last, some truly interesting video footage of a real unknown. As odd as it sounds, I appreciate the the couple speaking in the video expressing a sense of intrigue and excitement without the usual yelling and expletives that often accompany this kind of sighting.

I give this one 5 stars! :-)

Clearly a street lamp. You can see the glass, the bulb inside, (note the wire to the right of the bulb) and you can see the head of the lamp. One of the worst most obvious fakes I've ever seen! Come on Unknowncountry let's have some quality control!

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