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Is the Aurora Scramjet real? Interesting video.

This video discusses the Aurora scramjet, a legendary secret aircraft supposedly developed between 1970 and 1990. I noticed an interesting comment on the video from none other than Whitley Strieber. Here is what he said:

"Aurora was listed in the USAF budget back in the 1970s before the budgets went black. When it was in test out of Edwards in the early '90s, locals were complaining to their representatives to the point that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence discussed_ it. I also know a fisherman who saw what was almost certainly an Aurora over the Gulf of Mexico in those days. Is it deployed? I hope so. We spent a great deal of money on it. A great deal."

The first contrail shown in the video is a natural cloud formation called a 'Morning Glory,' but the next contrail, and the one captured on Google, are almost certainly scramjet contrails.

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So, in Blue Springs, Missouri and when Margie Kay describes the grill look on the UNKNOWN OBJECT could she be describing the Aurora scramjet? In a different county she reports people observing a mesh like something surrounding around a similar UFO. As I look at the underside of this Aurora it could also be described as looking like a grill, especially from a great distance. Then there is the loud booms reported around the country/world. Could that be sonic booms coming from this Aurora, IF indeed this is what people are observing??????


Back in 1999 I worked in a school which employed a security guard. He was a former Air Force MP, and had worked on secure bases with experimental aircraft. I had seen a show on cable TV talking about Aurora and other secret craft, like the TR3-B, which looks like a UFO, and I asked him if these aircraft were real. He said that they are all real, and there are others which have not been indentified yet and of which he cannot speak. I believe him.

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