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June 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

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We initially dismissed this one as a lens effect, but that's not what it is. There appears to have been a circular object in the night sky over Galveston in late June. It 'silently crossed the night sky' according to witnesses. Do we have a drone that could do this? Certainly nothing even close to being declassified. This is a genuine unknown. (But look closely, it's hard to see in this video.)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

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At first glance, this appears to be a Martian moon--until it is photographed in front of a distant mountain range, still glowing strongly. Unless there is a better explanation (and a believable one) coming from NASA, this is a genuine unknown, and on Mars! (The original of this video was hacked and destroyed, but another version is now available on YouTube. Your Out There editor would suggest downloading it promptly if you wish to retain access to it.)
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Monday, June 23, 2014

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This video, contributed by an Unknowncountry reader, appears to be an authentic daylight UFO capture. The object carries out a maneuver that is impossible for a plane and unlikely for a bird. It is too far away to be an insect, and it almost certainly isn't a drone, because of its shape. It appears to be avoiding something, perhaps even reacting to the fact that it is on camera.

This video was taken a year ago, but the videographer recently got extensive nighttime video in the same general area. Unfortunately, because it is nighttime video and there isn't enough detail, we can't determine whether or not it's a quadcopter.

Differentiating UFOs from lighted quadcopters can be difficult if they're off in the distance, as is the case in the night video. But this daylight video appears authentic to your Out There editor's eye.
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Whether the objects depicted in these ancient Mayan glyphs are UFOs as we understand them or not is an open question, but they appear similar to the craft the George Adamski drew during his sightings in the early fifties. In addition, the enormous amount of UFO activity taking place to this day over Mexico suggests that they might well have been seeing the same phenomena.

If so, then this has been going on a lot longer than most UFO researchers would like to believe. Your Out There editor thinks that the phenomenon is, simply, part of life on Earth, perhaps ongoing monitoring by advanced beings for their own reasons, or perhaps something that remains beyond our understanding.

In any case, the video is well worth a look.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

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The lights recorded in this video appeared over Murietta, California, a few miles east of Camp Pendleton north of San Diego. Similar lights appeared in the same area a year ago. To see that video, click here.

Orange orbs are commonly seen up and down the US West Coast, often rising up out of the Pacific Ocean. Of course, because these appeared over a military base, they could always be flares. While there was an exercise taking place at Camp Pendleton on June 18, military authorities would not state that these were flares. The ones from a year ago appear more like a flare pattern.

However, on June 18, other witnesses in the Camp Pendleton/Murietta area also report strange lights, and these clearly were not flares. For their report on Open Minds, click here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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This brief documentary, suppressed back in the 1960s, has resurfaced. The honesty of this witness was just too obvious for the authorities to tolerate. You watch her talking and describing what she has seen, and you cannot really deny that she is telling the truth. It was an amazing sighting.
These two images taken from a recent release of NSA documents describe a persistent UFO event. Note that there is not the slightest indication of any skepticism, and anything that might have been analytical or supportive of the fact that the sighting involves unknown objects is redacted.

The media and the scientific community follow NASA and the USAF's false claims that they don't see anything of significance in the UFO phenomenon because, even though by now both must know that those claims are lies, they have invested too much ego to admit that they were duped. So matters continue as they are, with no serious scientific study and media coverage that is, quite frankly, stupid.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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A number of groups monitor footage from the ISS. One of these is Secure Team, and this time they have captured something quite unusual. We really do not have an explanation for this footage. Unfortunately, because it is impossible to tell how far away the object is, or even whether or not it is a reflection, it must be classified simply as unknown. Your Out There editor's instinct is that it is a physical object of some kind, possibly even a craft of unknown origin. In any case, a very interesting capture.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

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This object displays enough in the way of unusual movements to suggest that it might be a UFO.
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