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February 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A helicopter and a USAF jet have been spotted chasing UFOs in Orange County, California. Want to know why we don't have contact? Simple. We shake our spears at them. As long as we continue to act like primitive tribesmen, they will continue to treat us as such.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

People are pouring in to see the latest 'bigfoot' allegedly shot by Rick Dyer, who says he'll release the scientific evidence "when I'm ready." But not today. Or soon. Or, more probably, ever. Dyer was implicated in a bigfoot hoax in 2008, but claims that this time, his aim was true.

Whitley Strieber comments: "You want an audience? Simple. Lie. You'll sell out the house every time. Tell the truth, though, and you'll have four people in the room. Thing is, those four people will be really worth knowing."

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Friday, February 21, 2014

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Heck, this would've been fun, now it's just kinda dull. I want a wolf in my hotel! Now!
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

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US Luger Kate Hansen taped a wolf wandering the hall of her hotel in Sochi. It could be a pet, but it is definitely a wolf, not a dog. There will be spin, however, and the wolf is likely to be recast as a nice old dog. No matter, it sure looks like a nice old wolf. Hopefully nice, anyway. (Are lugers edible, your Out There editor wonders.)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mysteries at the Museum, always an enjoyable program, recently aired an episode about the Montana Mystery Beast. The huge, wolf-like animal was shot in 1883 after attacking cattle. It was so unusual that it was preserved by a taxidermist, and is now on display at the Madison Valley Historical Museum. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has suggested that it's a Shunka Warakin, a rare relative of the wolf immortalized in local Native American folklore.

Such a creature is mentioned in Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp. The story is that, just before the scientists who were going to study the famed Skinwalker Ranch for the Institute for Discovery Sciences arrived, a huge wolf came up out of a marsh and attacked some goats. The rancher shot at it, and right into it, with little effect. Finally, the animal went back into the marshy area.

The scientists tracked it and found that it's footprints went to the center of the marsh and simply disappeared. They took casts, and found that it must have weighed 300 pounds.

The Dire Wolf, which died out in the Pleistocene, weighed around 300 pounds. Could it still be around, or could animals, at times, pass between dimensions. If so, the one on display at the Madison Valley Museum didn't escape in time!
There is clearly a bright UFO in this photo from Curiosity. Does this mean that Curiosity has taken a UFO photo on Mars? The object appears in the photo on the NASA website. Here is a comment from one of our experts:

"If you copy the photo to your computer and then select and view it and zoom in on the bright white spot you can see that someone just pasted the shape over the rocks. It is a practical joke."

Somebody at NASA is having a little fun, it appears, but you never know. We have also asked NASA for a comment on the image and are awaiting an answer. For a larger image, go here.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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The object being commented on here by Dr. Michael Salla on Coast to Coast AM could be a discharge from the space station itself, or it could be something docked on it, either a secret craft of ours or something from another world. If it is a ship of some kind, its aerodynamic shape would suggest that it is intended to enter the atmosphere.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

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When this videographer switched to night vision mode three minutes into this video, the object behind the lights became visible. This is almost certainly a genuine unknown, and a very interesting one. He reports that this is a return visit for the object. UFO returns have become more and more common since the days of the Camarillo UFO.
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Friday, February 7, 2014

This image was made by the Curiosity Rover. To see more, click here. The object does not appear to be a video dropout. It is something in the Martian sky. There are probably many ways to dismiss it, but the fact remains that if this was a photo taken of something in Earth's atmosphere, it would be assumed to be a plane with a short contrail. Conceivably, it's a meteor, but it could also be an unknown.
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Monday, February 3, 2014

John Greenewald has posted this photo on his website, the Black Vault, and is asking for any information anyone may have about it. But one of our photo analysts has weighed in with the following comment:

OK. This is a hoax. :-)

My bet is that someone read about the Latoya Ammons case (See below) and decided to have some fun by ginning up an alleged surveillance shot.

It's really easy to fake stuff when the final image is way out of focus and distorted, which can hide a multitude of sins.  In this case, the "demon" is opaque yet casts no shadow, which makes no sense. (Notice that the table next to the bed casts a definite shadow on the floor.)

Pls keep in mind that shadows are always the hardest thing to fake in a photoshop job, and sometimes the perp just forgets them outright, which seems to be the case here. Big, smokin' gun.

Granted, demons might be privileged to break the laws of physics at their whim, and to have anatomies that make no sense at all, as this one does. But unless the actual surveillance video surfaces and passes muster, I don't think we should give this a whole lot of attention.

BTW, what looks like an arm reaching out from the demon's knee is actually the bed railing on its far side. And I can see no clear indication of a dying man in the bed. If someone's in the bed, his or her face has been covered or blacked out.

To learn about the Ammons case, click here.
to let John know.
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After noticing 'strange noises' on a cellphone, a Georgia resident observed a line of lights hanging over nearby trees. The phenomenon is a probable unknown. Interference with radios is not unusual when objects are very close, but due to the circumstances (night, nothing visible except the lights) the proximity of the object cannot be estimated.
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The video you see here is typical of videos coming in from all over the southern United States. The snowfall that took place there appears to be heavily laden with chemicals, to the point that it is not acting like normal snow. On the other hand, maybe it's more normal than it seems. Read this and make your own decision. If you've witnessed this phenomenon personally, please write whitley@strieber.com and tell us of your experience.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

This report from Edmonds, WA, is typical of quite a number we are seeing lately. Beyond all the hoaxes and mistakes, it's important to remember that there is a very real phenomenon out there.
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