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January 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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There is no reason to doubt that this object is not a genuine unknown. Its shape is typical of many such objects, it is moving at far too high a speed to be a balloon or a radio controlled toy. It is an unknown object.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Is this an x-ray and photo of an alien? According to this video, Dr. Steven Greer thinks it's possible. The video states that he has been studying the remains of a small apparent alien that were found in South America three years ago in an area well known for UFO activity. However the remains are only six inches long and could be that of a fetus of a human being or another primate. More study is needed to determine exactly what this is.
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This series of images from a wildlife camera in south Texas near the town of Nixon shows a triangle of lights near a deer feeder. There is also a mist that local residents say is unexplained. This could be an indication of more UFO activity in the area, but there is no way to verify that these nighttime photographs are actually anything unusual.

The video playing here is a local news report about the sightings in the area. There is far more sighting activity than imagery coming from the area, which is what makes the video important. Local MUFON investigators are doing a useful job.
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Witnesses in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts observed a triangular UFO hovering silently over the community between 5:30 and 6:30 on the evening of January 8. The triangular formation of lights remained stationary or moved slowly, and was absolutely silent. At first, the FAA said there was no air activity in the area, but then the Air Force announced that a C5-A was in the region at the time. However, the UFO was silent and the C5-A, the largest aircraft in the world. creates a substantial amount of noise. The plane was not flying at an altitude too high for that noise to reach the ground, and winds in the area were light.

Therefore it's unlikely that the UFO and the running lights of the C5 are the same thing, and the object remains a possible unknown, another in the long list of triangle UFO sightings that have been taking place with increasing frequency for the past year.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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This triangle is so easy to miss, it's hard to believe that it was even spotted. But it's there. Hard to believe that this is space debris. It is also clearly visible in the photograph in NASA's gallery. To see it, click on the image to enlarge it, and look to the upper right. The NASA image can be found here.
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This photo appears on the NASA website, so it's unlikely to be a fake. The question, though, is what is this enormous triangular object near the International Space Station? NASA dismisses it as space debris, but it must be noted that a very substantial number of triangle videos and photographs have been taken from the ground in recent months.

Monday, January 21, 2013

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This object over Calgary is probably not a star. It's difficult to be certain looking at the non-enhanced video, but the witness could apparently see enough with the naked eye to be inspired to shoot this video. This is a probable unknown. December 26 seems to have been a busy night over Canada.
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This image is of real lights in the night sky. It is not photoshopped. There is no flicker, and the speed of movement is too great for them to be candle lanterns. They are too bright to be LED lights suspended from balloons, and are not floating. These are genuine unknowns.

Friday, January 18, 2013

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An Unknowncountry.com reader took this video over Phoenix on the night of January 12. This is not a formation of candle lanterns unless they are held together by a frame that is, in turn, being kept aloft by an unseen balloon. This is possible, but they would almost certainly twirl slowly if they were dangling from a balloon, and there is no evidence of that. This may be a constructed object hoax, but it may also be an unknown.

The individual who took the video has determined that the wind direction that night was westerly, but the object was moving east. Here is his full report:

I pulled in to a strip mall for work and saw this in the sky from my car.  It is a triangle of 3 lights traveling West to East, mostly white looking light with a slight yellow tint.   I saw it when it was directly in front of me facing Elliot Road from the strip mall at 1989 West Elliot Road.   Elliot is the road on the video.  It is North of me.   The lit up buildings at the end, in the direction of travel, are East of me.  There are two clips put together in this video because I still had my door closed and my seatbelt on when I began the first shot.  I stopped the camera to get out.  There were no navigation lights visible like urban aircraft would have, even as the angle changed when they flew past.  It was just these 3 single lights.   There was no noise that I heard except ground traffic.   It held the same triangle formation the whole time which is what really caught my eye.   A cursory look at wind information from that time, says that the wind should have been blowing West,  the opposite direction.
There is some small change in the formation of the triangle, especially when viewed at higher speed but it seems to reform itself to maintain the shape.   I don't know if this is a change in formation, perspective, or both.  Behind it was nothing but black background so there was no way to know how high or low it was or if I could see through the middle of the triangle shape.  It was below what appeared to be a low lying cloud layer with lots of moving mist in the air above me.  Stars were visible in the Southern sky and the horizon to the West but not where the lights were.  It was also a very cold night, around 32 degrees or so. 
The lights had a gentle flickering appearance like the flame in lanterns. On the video this appears more like the twinkling of stars but at the very beginning of the sighting I saw a detail in the light that actually appeared a little like a candle flame.  My immediate thought when it was closest to me was that I was seeing candles in Chinese lanterns or kerosine lanterns drifting silently on unseen balloons, maybe even flares drifting on parachutes.  But there was no glowing lampshade like the Chinese lanterns have, no evidence of balloons and also no lit up smoke trail like flairs have around them.  The formation was also so controlled looking that it was hard to accept it as free drifting items, even though it was silent, like watching balloons or lanterns float by.  That made me think of a military aircraft formation, but the lights were very peculiar for aircraft and they would be moving awfully fast if they were way up high.  It was also much too big a shape to be a kite or a hang glider with LED's on it.  It felt like it would be football field sized if it was only 100-500 feet above me, let alone higher.  This is what made me realize it was unusual and I should get it on video for investigation.
The video looses the lights at the end but to my eyes it never vanished or made any sudden moves. It just slowly, silently, drifted past until the dots of light were too small for the phone viewfinder to resolve anymore.  I saw it with my eyes for another minute or so before it finally traveled behind the buildings.  Total time from seeing it till it was gone, maybe 3 minutes.   
My final observation which is harder to make out on the video is that the triangle became distorted slightly as it moved the furthest away, close examination of the original footage shows this more clearly at the end.  The triangle began to get squashed looking as if the the front light was moving inward to form a vertical line.  At first I thought it was changing formation but it may also have been a perspective illusion as the angle I viewed it from changed . . or both.  The illusion would be of a larger triangle shaped object, slowly banking left.   There are clearly a bunch of optical illusions possible here which is why I am having such a hard time knowing what to make of it."

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This video could easily have been made in a computer, and yet it's the second video to appear showing objects above the lunar surface in just the past week. Could something be going on up there? If you are have a telescope, it might be worth a look. (The Independent piece sourced here makes some good points about the comments on the video by the YouTube trolls.)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

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This compilation of media reports of UFO activity illustrates the fact that there has been a great deal of UFO activity in recent times. What is most striking is the number of times the characteristic triangle formation of three lights appears. If what we have been seeing in recent years does indeed represent an increase in involvement of this unknown presence with our world, then the question has to be asked: where is this leading? (Your Out There editor does not endorse the idea that this has to do with any particular group or body. The compiler of the video suggests that it signals the return of the Annunaki. In fact, only when and if they confront us face-to-face will we begin to have an idea of what they are, and even then it will be hard to be certain.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another low flying triangle, this one in Florida. The question has to be asked: is something new going on? The number of triangle reports has increased significantly over the past year, and especially low-flying triangles.

If you wish to report a UFO sighting or close encounter to us, you can do so by clicking here.

Monday, January 14, 2013

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The now very substantial wave of triangle sightings has continued over the Detroit area, southern Canada and Michigan. The amount of UFO activity is corresponding with a significant increase in close encounter reports being submitted to Unknowncountry.com.
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

For people to notice an object and report it strongly suggests that it was something that they considered extremely unusual. This was a nighttime sighting of an apparently quite large lighted object that one witness described as being at least twice the size of two cars. However, given that it was night, there is no way to estimate the size. The lights were bright enough to startle the witness into reporting the sighting to local authorities. There were no aircraft in the area at the time. Local police declined to investigate.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here's an odd one picked up by New York Magazine: there's a black object with a small red light on top floating in the surf near President Obama in this publicity shot of him vacationing in Hawaii. Your Out There editor has no idea what this may be, except that it appears to be a device, not a shark or some other sea creature.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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This collection of video clips from the International Space Station reveals daylight versions of 'fastwalkers' that were sometimes seen on video from the Space Shuttle when it was in operation.
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Cotulla, a town in south Texas, is the source of two UFO reports, the one pictured here being the most unusual. It allegedly shows a UFO on the ground. Certainly, the object is strange, but there is no clear proof that it's an unknown object, only that it's not clear what it is from the photo. However, an incident in the same community last September, which also involved unknown lighted objects hovering close to the ground, suggests that some sort of ongoing UFO activity may be involved. To view that video, click here.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Whitley Strieber tells me, "on a couple of occasions, we saw translucent figures at our old cabin in upstate New York." There is no obvious reason to doubt this photograph, but, as the experts mentioned in the story say, it's impossible to be certain.
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Well, folks, your cynical old Out There editor is unable to resist posting this video even though I would be pretty amazed if it was the real thing. If it is a hoax, it is well done. It would take a lot of animation skill and patience to make the UFO race along behind the trees so flawlessly. But there are skilled and patient animators in China, no question about that, and the low resolution of the footage makes rough edges easy to conceal. Anyway, feast your eyes and imagination. Maybe someday it really will happen like this, and if this is real, then--wow!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

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This is a very strange one. It does appear to involve an explosion in near space that is preceded by a small object orbiting a larger one. The explanation offered by the 'expert' consulted by the television station is, as they imply, meaningless. If this is a real video, it could record some sort of classified experiment in space, or even an attack on a satellite. A number of countries, including the United States, are aggressively involved in space weaponization. Of course, as it was shot through a phone camera, the quality is very poor and it's not possible to make a final determination regarding its authenticity.

This explosion, or one like it, was observed in Alaska as well, thanks to a sharp-eyed Unknowncountry.com reader:

"I live in Alaska and I am an avid sky gazer . It was so strange what I saw that night I was staring at what I thought was a tiny star but it kept getting brighter and then it got even brighter  and then it exploded with a blue ring around it and was gone . It did happen within maybe a second . But I was left scratching my head about what this was . So I am happy to see that someone else out there witnessed this event as well. Only they were lucky enough to have captured it."

On the other hand, the powers that be are dismissing it as a weather balloon. Apparently this extraordinary weather balloon was visible from California to Alaska. OK, mystery solved! For the weather balloon--or is that swamp gas--story, click here.

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