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Another video of the Jerusalem UFO. Dramatic.

This video has an authentic appearance, but given the low resolution it's impossible to tell whether or not it's a computer graphic, and the sudden movement is characteristic of such graphics, but also of some UFOs. A comment from Whitley Strieber: "Two of the Jerusalem UFO videos are probably authentic, and this one may be, so the question must be asked: why have they singled out the Dome of the Rock, which is perhaps the most potent point of reconciliation on the planet between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, in that it is sacred to all three religions? If we could all live together beneath the dome, the world would be renewed."

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I do not think that it is a coincidence that occurred when Egypt was (is) in the midst of a revolution.

This reality, as we know it, started in the Middle East. Much is coming full circle. Stay tuned...

This is I guess the 4th one. I have not seen the 3rd one. This is from a different angle of the dome but the flash, the timing all seem to be in proper sync. I am sure ones that are going to follow are going to be fraudulent. The first 1 was the best and I think the most authentic because of the body language. The guy was obvious agitated by his movements and it took off and the natural response delay to stimuli is correct.
These are the most amazing videos I have ever seen, just unbelievable really. wait until the Muslims find out about this.....

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