Out There

Another triangle, this time in Seattle

Triangles like the one videotaped here are often seen by witnesses in the hours before close encounters, and are seen in an area where such encounters take place.

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How do three (what appear to me to be) lanterns add up to a triangular craft? I don't get it. There is nothing in this video to suggest there is a physical craft up there. We just have a comment from the guy doing the filming to say that it (they) 'flew' over.

I would suggest (as I have a few times) to watch these with the sound off. You will get a much better impression of what you are looking at and you don't get swayed by over-excited (but I am sure, well meaning) individuals doing the filming.

Any video of a genuine UFO is undermined by the sort of soundtrack they used on this one. The music is annoying, distracting, and raises questions about the setting in which the video was shot. The operator of the camera seems to be sincere but he is shooting himself in the foot by allowing the footage to be "packaged". It looks like an excuse to advertise the guys who did the "packaging" rather than to inform the public of a possibly significant sighting. Shame.

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