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Another strange solar explosion.

This video from solar observer Starseeker shows an interesting magnetic anomaly interacting with a solar flare, pushing it back into the solar surface rather than allowing it to expand into space. First, the anomaly is not a planet (it would crash into the sun). It is most unlikely that it is a manufactured object of any sort, because it would be the size of Jupiter, which is 120 times as big as Earth. It must be some sort of magnetic effect that is not often observed. What significance it may have we don't know.

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There have been a number of solar flares that seem to be affected by what looks to me like an object near the sun. If it is a solid object, it cannot be a planet or, in fact, anything natural at all. Nothing in nature is going to survive that close to a star. Perhaps it is some kind of magnetic anomaly, I don't know, but it's hard to believe that it isn't there at all. I've seen it a number of times on NASA's own server, so unless they've taken to playing CGI games, it's there. When Linda Moulton Howe returns from Turkey, I will ask her to contact some solar scientists about it.

the sun is beautiful. The one reason we are here.

In many respects of this dimensional reality we find ourselves attached to, we are nothing more than fleas on a dog. One idea is that the black sphere is communicating with the sun via the filament if ones ascribes to the theory that plasma is conscious/sentient. Another may be that the black sphere is 'refueling' as not all of the filament is returned to the photosphere. A more benign explanation would be a misinterpretation of sensors and/or algorithm that are used in the two solar observers.

Thought I was having deja vu...Turns out I had seen another video a while back with the same dark sphere parked near the sun and interacting with filaments from the sun...Here is the link:


I don't think solar scientists are going to know what that is. I don't think they know what the sun actually is, since craft can emerge from the sun, and aI ; ccording to their scientific beliefs, that is not possible. Since there are documented recording of this happening, despite their insistence upon their own paradigm of scientific belief, so again, I don't think the scientists are going to have any idea what so ever what that is. I don't actually think it's purpose is to deflect flares, since there are flares going on all around it. I think that is just an effect of it's proximity to the surface.

Given all the new, often surprising information we are getting about the cosmos, some of which is causing scientists to seriously rethink some of their previous assumptions, I don't think we can even pretend to know what is possible in nature, what unknown phenomena, substances and process we have not even begun to identify, not to speak of understand. Nor are we in any position to know what other lifeforms and intellects are able to conceive, including, possibly, craft or orbs that can not only withstand the sun but can tap directly into its energy. Sometimes, all we can do is wonder, accept the cosmos as still a huge and unfathomable mystery, and be humbled. And wait to see what answers may yet come. This is really what the spiritual teachings refer to, I think, when they speak of surrendering to chaos: the chaos of unknowing.

Here is an interesting new take on this event:


Wow. I love this stuff! :-)

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