Out There

Another mystery missile launch: this time off the Texas coast.

A mystery rocket was photographed off the coast of Newfoundland in 2009, then in 2010 an unexplained contrail appeared off the California coast. Now, another mystery launch has been videotaped off the Texas coast.

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The video footage looks an awful lot like the chemtrails I see being laid down in the sky on an almost daily basis here in Central Texas (Not like the mystery launch in California...Totally different) What ever it is that I see here always moves extremely fast, very high, and the trail later spreads out to form cloud cover. I have been watching these for years, and when you have a perfectly clear, blue sky, and one of these appears, it looks much like this video clip.

If people would pay more attention to the sky on a daily basis, and were also familiar with normal clouds and contrails, they might start to get a little more than nervous.

Something IS going on, and I feel strongly that it ties in to weather control.

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