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Another mysterious solar object--explained!

This 'object' is probably a lens effect. Your Out There Editor stands corrected. An explanation appears on another video of precisely the same phenomenon in Port Chester, New York. Here is the explanation from the comments section of the Port Chester video:

I saw and filmed the same phenomena 2 summers ago, but being in the video montage industry, I used a video deshacker (Deshacker for VirtualDub) and analyzed the video frame by frame. It was clear then what I was seeing as a second sun was actually a reflection cause by the lens of the camera because on a few frames, I could see the_ anomaly (second sun) jump up and down compared to the sun. If this was really an object in space, this would never happen. Cheers Dan

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The very fact that this video was taken with a camera phone, makes me suspect the quality if the optics. You can see a repeat of this secondary bright spot as he pans around, which suggests to me an issue with the lens. His video was posted on 7th July. If there were indeed something up there, that size, the amateur solar observer community would be on fire with similar observations by now...but it isn't.

Good solar observations are not just the domain of dedicated satellites.

Google - how to safely observe the Sun...

I do not recall seeing this video from last November.....Any comments ?????

UFO sighting in North Wales – Nov 14, 2011


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