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Another cigar shaped UFO over Popocatepetl

This clip from a webcam watching the Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City reveals a fast moving cigar-shaped object similar to one that apparently entered the volcano in October of last year. That video was dismissed by some experts as a hoax, but we saw it as possibly an authentic unknown. This new video reinforces that view. To see our October story, click here.

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It's important to know the frame exposure time. Since this was taken at 2am and the stars are brightly visible, it was probably pretty long, maybe a second or more. As such, this could be any lighted object made to look "cigar shaped" because it's exposing the frame over some period of time as it moves horizontally across the sky. And aren't you glad they put those giant red circles around the "anomaly" in the original video? As if we would have missed it!

Come on, people. This passes for "expert analysis"?

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