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Always worth a listen: Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer tells the truth.

In 2008, Paul Hellyer summed up what he had bee saying for years: that the US is working with aliens. It's not news. The big media won't touch it, at least, not in any rational way. But it is true.

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Glad you posted this. Here was a former Canadian Minister of Defense saying he has direct evidence of alien involvement in parts of the U.S. government, and no one paid attention. He's still talking about it, for he believes that the visitors can help humanity, and he's still being ignored by all but a handful of people. But the truth will out. We can help it out by talking to friends, posting on facebook etc, and being willing to risk ridicule to say what we know to be true.

In response to ToscaZ - You've inspired me to break out of my comfort zone. This is the perfect video to share with someone who is on the fence or doesn't believe (at all) that there is a government conspiracy to keep the truth from the American people. I always share the latest "ET" news with my circle of friends but, I've been reluctant to go further. If you don't believe the former Canadian Minister of Defense then you just don't WANT to believe.

I am going share this video with those who really need to have their eyes opened.

Thanks, Joy

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