Out There

Alton Barnes crop circle completed in stages.

Two aerial shots of this crop formation at Honeystreet near Alton Barnes show it incomplete and then complete. It's unusual but not unknown for formations to be added to, but very unusual for one to be seen clearly unfinished, then later finished. The formation is also very challenging, and unlike those known to be created by human circle makers. The complexity of the design and the subtle crafting suggest that this may be of unknown origin.

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100% man made just like the others.
You can even see where they walked.
So tiresome. The world is full of pranksters.

Hmm, what is interesting about this is there looks to me to be an area that has been flattened on the initial image (left) but raised on the final image (right)...look to the left hand side of the oval formation at the 3 o'clock position...did they make a mistake there and manually raised some of the crop when they came back? D'oh!

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