Out There

Alien face in window looks like the famous Rocket Films 'Alien Interview' face.

There is certainly something in the window, and the hand movements would take a good puppeteer. Also, this alien resembles the one in the famous 'Alien Interview; video that was never disproved. Graded B.

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This looks staged. The man is no actor and he clearly knows what's out there, which is the same alien figure that appeared in the Rocket Films video, as our Out There editor points out. To me, this means that both videos are fakes, and that somebody has put some money into an excellent puppet. Of course, it could be that the earlier video is real and this is faked. Where this subject is concerned, you just never know. For my money, though, this reveals that both are fake.

The most suspicious thing to me is the framing of the shot. The man in the clip was offset to give a clear view of the window.

Did you notice the way that the cat behaves? It is obviously frightened by the appearance of the "whatever" in the window. Hard to say for sure but it looks a bit too convincing - if you know what I mean!

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