Out There

This alien body image is very strange.

This could be a doll or a ceramic, but there is a very great deal of detail here. If this is fake. somebody worked very hard on it.

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The poor thing, looks like it died a horrible death, far from home. It needs a funeral and to be buried.

Not ceramic, but probably sausage. Seriously, it looks like this has been sculpted from a sausage skin (using a mould to keep the shape), and stuffed with animal parts. It is quite an impressive sculpt, but aside from not showing a congruent musculature underneath the skin, the head appears to be made of plasticine, and the artist didn't bother sculpting in a separate jaw, or bother smoothing out the cranium for that matter. Note that the neck muscle on the creature's right correctly connects from the centre of the collar to behind the ear, although the left-hand one seems to connect to the chin.

If I had found that thing, I would be poking at it with a stick, lifting it up and checking it out. So it makes me think its a fake, because they didn't try to show a closer look at it.

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