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Is Your Boss a Primate?

If he (or she) acts like an ape, it's because he's at the top of the pecking order (and if you want to keep your job, you'll "groom" him).

When a subordinate chimpanzee grooms a dominant one, it often does so for a long time and doesn't wait to be "asked." When it in turn requests to be groomed, it receives only a perfunctory grooming, after having to ask a second time.

In the April 21st edition of the Wall Street Journal, Matt Ridley explains how it works in the academic world. He writes: "A new member of a committee on which I served once asked me why a senior colleague was being so horrible to him. I replied: 'Oh, it's because when a new male baboon joins a troop, it's traditional for the alpha male to beat him up before becoming his best friend--soon he'll think the world of you.'"

Ridley quotes academic Dario Maestripieri as saying, "I am a Monkey-Man, and when I submit a grant application for peer review, I am terrified that it might fall into the hands of the Rat-People. They want to exterminate all of us (because our animals are cooler than theirs)."

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