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Why You're WIDER Than You Used to Be

When we diet, the fat comes back, and not only that, we get WIDER as we get older--and it's not just because we gain weight! By the age of 20, most people have reached skeletal maturity and do not grow any taller. Until recently it was assumed that skeletal enlargement elsewhere in the body also stopped by age 20. But researchers now know that the pelvis ("hipbones") continue to widen as people grow older.

Researcher Laurence E. Dahners says, "I think it's a fairly common human experience that people find themselves to be wider at the age of 40 or 60 then they were at 20. Until recently we assumed that this was caused simply by an increase in body fat, (but) our findings suggest that pelvic growth may contribute to people becoming wider and having a larger waist size as they get older, whether or not they also have an increase in body fat."

The pelvic width of the oldest patients in his study was, on average, nearly an inch larger than the youngest patients. This one-inch increase in pelvic diameter, by itself, could lead to an approximately three-inch increase in waist size from age 20 to age 79. If the rest of the body is widening commensurately, this might account for a significant portion of an increase in body weight of about one pound a year that many people experience during the same period.

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Interesting story. Did they check the hips of non-modern day people? It occurred to me that perhaps older people's hips are wider due to all the sitting most people do . . .

Although my body frame is pretty much the same (I've maintained my size pretty much all these years!), I did notice changes in my feet after each child was born. I had two sons, and my foot-size went up half a size for each of them. Until my late 20's I wore a 6 1/2 narrow. Now I wear a 7 1/2 medium. My clothing size, however, has not changed in all these years.

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