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Why Vitamins Can be DANGEROUS

Many supplements contain ingredients from China and some of these are POISONOUS and can even cause cancer. While labels tell you if a food comes from China (if you know how to read the code), the ingredients in vitamins and medicines are often not so clear.

In the August 28th edition of the New York Times, Natasha Singer reports on supplements and "cures" sold in New York's Chinatown. Physician Pieter Cohen spots a weight loss supplement that contains TWO hazardous drugs, one of which is a suspected carcinogen. Despite being recalled two years ago, the product is still for sale in Chinese neighborhoods--and may also be sold at a health food store near you.

Cohen has seen kidney failure, heart problems, depression and addiction, all caused by products made in China and sold openly as dietary supplements in shops across the nation and over the internet. Some of the most dangerous of these are supplements for weight loss, bodybuilding and sexual enhancement. According to the FDA, some of these products contain amphetamines, synthetic steroids, laxatives and compounds like the active drug in Viagra, and can cause heart attacks and strokes, as well as damage to the kidneys and liver. A few people have even died after taking them. Most of them have never been tested on humans. Singer quotes Cohen as saying, "My patients are being harmed by this."

The problem is that vitamins are a booming business: Americans spent $28.1 billion on them last year, up from $21.3 billion five years ago. Singer quotes government regulator Steve Mister as saying, "We walk a fine line. We want to protect consumers, but we also don't want to alarm consumers so they stay away from the whole marketplace. We are concerned that if we alert consumers, we may unnecessarily drive them away from the marketplace. We could make them afraid to take legitimate dietary supplements."

She quotes FDA official Michael Levy as saying, "These products may work, but if you take them, they could kill you."

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These kinds of articles are just more corporate propaganda by big pharma, who wants to get rid of Vitamins and supplements, so they can turn around and sell them as drugs. Which they have already done with Vitamin B6.

It's ironic because a large percentage of drugs are manufactured in China, with little or no inspection by the FDA.

This, may account why at minimum over 100,000 people die in this country each year from prescription medications. Since many of those medications were approved by the FDA, with the manufacturer submintting known fraudulent data. The list is endless, Avanda, Fosimax, Zoloft... New law suits are filed almost daily. Yet because congress limited the amount that can be collected in law suits against drug companies, big pharma risks very little.

Consider the fact that this year, admits to ER's for medication OD's surpassed those of street drugs for the first time ever.

On the othe hand vitamins and herbs kill practically no one...each year, and not only that they work. And that's why the FDA, that is little more than a puppet of big pharma, wants to get rid of them.

I wish vitamin companies were required to list where the ingredients in their supplements came from so that consumers could make an informed decision. Most vitamins are synthetically made but can be called "natural" simply by adding natural ingredients to the artificial vitamins. I think the best supplement is fresh, live (not bottled or pasturized) fruit and vegetable juices. You can get the equivalent nutrition of 5 pounds of carrots in one glass of juice. Our industrial agri-business farming only puts the top ten nutrients into the soil which means that our diet is totally lacking in micro nutrients. Therefore, some supplementation of our diet is needed unless you are able to eat a 100% organic diet. When you think about it, everyone on this planet ate an organic diet until about the 1950s when we developed the artificial fertilizers and pesticides which now pervade our food production system. You have to wonder what effect this has had on our bodies, mind, and spirit?

I remember when the fruit went 'bad'. I used to love to eat fruit and vegetables when I was little but somewhere around age 9 I remember eating my first "new" fruit. It looks so good. So perfect. and it was bigger than the old fruit. and then I bit into the apple and yuck -- practically tasteless. I learned very early that bigger, more beautiful looking food does not necessary taste better. I thought maybe it was because the taste was more "spread out" or diluted (because the fruit/vegetables were bigger (lol). Talk about adding insult to injury when I got older and found out that they have far less nutritional value as well. Today I just think "no wonder the kids dont want to eat their fruits and vegetables" -- not only do they contain poison -- they lack serious nutritional value.

Eating/growing organic is worth the money/time/effort and small farmers put more people to work anyway. Its a win/win situation. We shld tax those BIGagribusinessfarmers to death (if you can really call them farmers).

I agree w/Gerald. I think its sad that people need to supplement their diet w/vitamins -- (as I do quite heavily) but, unless you eat organic, raw, fresh and live high above or somehow outside of the air and soil pollution and drink mountain stream or spring fed water -- chances are you will never get enough nutrients to combat the stress that our current living environment puts on us. But you can always think and feel positive. I hear that works ;)

As long as corporate agribusiness and GMOnstersanto dictate agricultural policy in this country, eating a conventional diet with or without vitamins is a risky affair.

Now the FDA, wants to list all new supplements as food additives so they can ban them. Once they are banned then the pharmaceutical companies can sell them as drugs, at a much higher price. This would include Fish Oil. On September 8 there is a national protest scheduled against the FDA's plan. Call your congressman and Senator to protest the FDA's plan.

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