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Why Did the Music Die?

Some deaths are suspicious. Now scientists think that a couple of famous musicians from the past may have died from vitamin deficiencies!

The most famous of these is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who lived from 1756 to 1791, and suffered from many infectious illnesses including coughs, fever, sore throats, and other bad cold symptoms from 1762 to 1791, the year of his tragically earth death at 35 years old. Most of these illnesses occurred between mid-October and May. At the latitude of Salzburg and Vienna, where he lived, it is impossible to make your own vitamin D from exposure to sunlight for only about six months of the year.

Another famous musician and composer, Gustav Mahler--who lived from 1860 to 1911 and lived in what is today the Czech Republic--developed a sore throat in 2010 while working in New York with the Philharmonic orchestra. He was subsequently diagnosed with a bacterial infection that could have been prevented with vitamin D.

So don't wait until the fat lady sings--start getting plenty of sun exposure (or Vitamin D) while you're still young. And if YOU'RE the fat lady (or man), shape up, lose weight and start taking long, sunlit walks with the advice of Anne Strieber's famous diet book, "What I Learned from the Fat Years," now available as an affordable download!


Misprint carried over from original article. I think they meant 1910, not 2010.

Another good reason to take your fish oils!

Sounds more like these two had respiratory allergy symptoms that progressed to sinus infections and pneumonia. They had no antibiotics in those days, so this is highly possible. Would Vitamin D have made a difference? Don't know...but in those days lots of people died of things as simple as a cold that progressed to something much worse. Hand washing was non-existent too. We could speculate on this one forever!

Vitamin D is essential for proper immune function. Sunlight in the summer and proper latitude gives you 10,000 Units a day. In the winter you don't get enough exposure to get your daily amount. The same applies if you are indoors or fully clothed. That may be why the influenza virus occurs more often in the winter months.

Sanitariums for people with TB gave people rest with days in the sun. The Vit D was probably what helped people throw of TB infections, but this had to be at the proper latitude and time of year so they would get their daily dose of Vit D! Vitamin D is more like a hormone, than a true vitamin. It also helps your immune system fight off cancers

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